About Alternative Longboards

High quality performance longboards for downhill, freeride, dancing and freestyle handcrafted in Poland, Europe.

When cooking food, it is important to choose fresh ingredients from a trusted source. Even if the smallest ingredient is of poor quality, it may result in a poor tasting meal. We follow a similar principle when creating our longboards. Our main goal is to ensure complete satisfaction and a pleasurable ride. Therefore, we only use materials of the highest quality, and do not save on ‘’the spices’’ to create the best functionality and performance of our products.

It all starts in the heart of it all

The most important element that defines the way a board behaves is the type of wood. This is also the reason we choose wooden cores to give our decks their unique character. The heart of our boards consists of vertically glued wooden laminates, designed to provide the optimum ratio of stiffness and strength, while simultaneously providing a low weight design. When choosing the raw materials we use in our board construction, we always strive to choose the best type of wood for the intended use, paying special attention to the quality of the materials. During our selection, we hand pick and personally take care of quality control in order to avoid any blemishes or material defects. The glueing process takes place under strictly defined conditions to provide the best coherence and adhesion of our laminates. Because of our efforts during the whole manufacturing process, the cores retain their shape and provide the much needed dimensional stability for skateboarding.

Our composite materials

During time, composites changed the way longboards are constructed in a similar way they revolutionised aviation. For the creation of Alternative longboard decks, we consistently use high-quality composites and resins, which in turn prolong the life span of our products as well as improve their strength and durability. Our decision for choosing quality over price leads to a higher on board satisfaction of our customers.

How Alternative Longboards are made

Our boards are handmade from pre-prepared wooden cores, which undergo resin application and composite placement before being placed in a metal mould. In this stage, the mould and its inner components are positioned inside of a pressing machine set to the optimal pressure and temperature. This results in a permanent connection of all selected components and thus give a rough shape to a new longboard deck.

This sandwich construction later undergoes a CNC cutting procedure, where a computer controlled machine cuts out the final shape of the board, that is, in the final stage, hand sanded until it’s perfectly smooth surface is prepared for the final layer of varnish.

Our guarantee program

In order to provide our customers with the maximum satisfaction when riding our boards, we personally offer a warranty program. For more information, please contact us at info@alternativelongboards.com.

Learn more about how we build Alternative longboards in this article by Longboard Magazine.

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