Bartosz Zawadka



Age: 29 | Home Town: Wrocław, Poland | Stance: Goofy | Style: freestyle, street | Board: Chauma W



I bought my first longbaord in spring 2014 and it was supposed to serve as a means of transport to work. It soon turned out that the several years spent on the board earlier won’t let me use this long piece of wood just for riding. Unfortunately, the producer of said board did not predict that someone might actually want to jump on it and do flips. So a month later the board got broken. I started searching for something more stable and suitable for my riding style. Chauma from Alternative Longboards turned out to be the best choice. Well, what could suit me better than the one-metre version of an ordinary board made of composites that make it resistant to all the overload I offered? It’s amazing how it speeds up your progress as you do not have to worry if the board will survive another day of doing new tricks or not. What I like about Alternative is that they don’t rest on their laurels and they improve their boards year by year taking into account also riders’ feedback. Thanks to such cooperation and years of experience they are capable of creating a product that comes up to the lead producers from all over the world.



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