Become an Alternative Ambassador

Get an exclusive discount on our products, earn goodies and longboard decks by spreading the stoke and being your awesome self while doing what you love the most – longboarding.

Are you addicted to longboarding?

Do you enjoy skating with other riders?

Do you love creating quality media?

Do you have what it takes?

Read the questions and answers below to see if we make a good fit.

How good do I have to skate to become an Alternative Ambassador?
You don’t have to be the best longboarder out there as long as you have at least the basic skills, are motivated about progressing and create nice media. A good lifestyle photo featuring our longboards is as good as a gnarly action raw run or a fully blown edit.

What longboarding discipline do I have to practice?
It doesn’t matter if you’re skating downhill, freeride, freestyle, dancing or only cruising. We love all longboard styles and disciplines.

Do I need to have an Instagram account?
Yes, in order to become an Alternative Ambassador, you must have an active public Instagram account. As an Alternative Ambassador, you will be representing the brand mostly on Instagram but also in your local community.

What is the minimum number of Instagram followers I need to have?
There is no specific number of followers that you need to have on Instagram in order to be able to become an Alternative Ambassador. Rather than the number of followers, we will pay more attention to your personal style, activity and your engagement with your followers.

What do you expect from me as an Alternative Ambassador?
We expect you to feel passion for our brand and what we do. We want to see that you are committed, proactive and creative in your aesthetics and social media. You should be an active member in your local longboarding community, willing to support others and participate at local events when possible.

Will Alternative repost my photos and videos?
Yes, we love to see your photos and videos. If you make a nice photo or a video, we will definitely want to feature it on our channel and help you grow your following.

Will I be getting free longboard decks and other products?
When you become an Alternative Ambassador, you will get an exclusive 30% discount on all our products (even those that are already discounted) and a special coupon code you can share with your friends and Instagram followers. When your code gets used 5 times, you will receive a free gift (T-shirt or a hoodie) and when it gets used 10 times, you will receive a completely free longboard deck of your choice.

Will Alternative help me grow my audience?
Definitely! We are here to help you progress with longboarding, but we also want to see you grow your online presence and followership. You will be receiving our advice on how to build your social network accounts faster and the right way through the Alternative Ambassadors Newsletter and sometimes directly via chat.

Does everyone get accepted as an Alternative Ambassador?
No. We only choose those who show potential and are willing to make an effort to keep improving. If you’re applying just to get free stuff and don’t really care about our brand, we will not consider your application.

What if I don’t qualify?
In case you don’t make the cut, we will notify you via email and give you suggestions on what and how to improve. You can then make the improvements and try signing up again, but not before 6 months after your initial application.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Before you sign up…

Please read this to make sure that you’re signing up for the right reasons.

Important: Do not sign up to become Alternative Longboards Ambassador in case you’re in it for free stuff because we’re not giving anything away for free. What we offer you is an exclusive 30% discount on all our products. This alone already has value of 60-100 €. Also, please do not sign up if you don’t have a public Instagram account. If you’re passionate about longboarding and passionate about our brand, you’re welcome to sign up below and we’ll be happy to have you with us.

Ready to join us?

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Please allow for your application to be reviewed within 72 hours.

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