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Carpark Outlaw Winter Series 2016

Hey, my name is Karol Pabich. I’m an ambassador for Alternative Longboards here in Melbourne, Australia. Hope you’ve enjoyed the edit I’ve put together from the finals of our COWS 2016 races, all previous races are also up on my channel.
So let me tell a bit about the races. It’s winter in Melbourne. About 3 months ago Tim Bell told me about his idea of racing through carparks, 10 weeks, 5 races and every race in a different carpark. Together with Sunset Skate Sessions they got into preparing everything, looking for sponsors etc.
It’s a great way to keep the local scene going when the roads outside get a bit wet and the temperature drops. There are plenty of quick and fun carparks spread all over the Melbourne CBD and they’re safe to skate at night. The carparks aren’t too fast for beginners so everyone can participate and have fun. That doesn’t mean it’s boring for advanced riders, they got up to some decent speeds, lots of overtakes and really close encounters…that resulted in a couple crashes, nothing bad luckily.
As for the first time, I think it was a success and everyone really enjoyed it. I’m sure we’ll have another one next year alongside other events in the summer. Once again huge thanks to Sunset Skate Sessions for organizing, everyone that helped and of course all the sponsors that provided us with sick prizes.

Designing longboards

When 16 years ago I gave Szymon my old board, you can say that I kind of “infected” him with passion to skateboard. After 10 years it was the other way round – it was Szymon who in 2010 showed me his first longboard and since then I was hooked. I rode as often as possible, not expecting that eventually I will be the one producing such boards. I remember our beginnings, how we tried to bend first cardboard concaves, just to feel under feet the right curvature we wanted to get in particular board model. Then I would sit in front of the computer designing the 3D version that we could later mill using the CNC milling machine built by Michał.


Alternative World

The first shapes were designed based on our longboard experience. Due to the fact that we were riding longboard, we knew what we wanted in particular models. Prototypes of various models were built and then as a result we managed to get 5 board models.

Alternative World Collection: Junko | Seagull | Chauma | Bunting | Thunderbird

Relating to company’s logo, we named each model with a name of a bird we thought best reflected the board’s “nature”. The first collection included: Junko, Seagull, Chauma, Bunting, Thunderbird. For some that may be an interesting fact – Chauma used to the board with drop through and it had flex. The first version of Bunting was a directional board with “aggressive” concave.

Graphic by: Mateusz Kołek

We wanted the whole collection to form one graphics which we cut into particular models. We were the first longboard company to have gone through with such project. Mateusz Kołek, the illustrator, took care of the accomplishment of said project.

Haunted Woods

After the first collection we got lots of feedback from the riders and users of our boards and soon afterwards I already started sketching shapes for our new collection.

Haunted Woods collection

Haunted Woods Collection: Thunderbird | Fantail | Chauma | Junko | Snowfinch

It was that time when Chauma was completely changed from drop thru city board into freestyle-freeride top mount longboard. Wheel flares, which block the foot during slides and thanks to which you can install bigger wheels, were designed. There were 2 models more then: Fantaila – a directional board with one kicktail for downhill/freeride and Snowfinch – a classic model for tech slide.

Graphic by: Sebastian Skrobol

When a new model is introduced, numerous prototypes are built. Changing the measurement even for just a few millimeters can make a huge difference and has the impact on the comfort of riding. When something is modified, each time a new form is milled on which another prototype is made – the process is repeated until we reach our goal and desired effect. The 2014 collection was named Haunted Woods and just like a year before, one graphic was designed and then cut into particular models. This time the author of the illustrations was Sebastian Skrobol.

Collection 2015

Snowfinch | Chauma| Fantail | Bunting | Junko | Flamingo

Designing longboards is divided into few stages that integrate the board. Starting with designing the right wheel base through designing the surface of board’s moulding – whether it is going to be a rocker, camber, or maybe a flat board and then finishing with choosing the most suitable concave, plus sometimes things like kicktail or dropdown add to the whole process. In each of these elements, one needs to take into account technological capabilities and characteristics of materials.

Finally, the phase of designing board’s cutting. I look for an inspiration in various objects, trying to adjust the shape to the use of a model. The inspiration often comes from car’s bodywork. I’m searching for a car model that in my opinion best reflects the nature of a particular board model and I start sketching. For instance, Bunting’s shape was an inspiration that came from Lamborghini Diablo. This model had its comeback in 2015 in a totally new edition.

Bunting 2015

I designed the board model after discussing it with our rider, Łukasz Tomkiel. We spent hours wondering how to make this board perfect. The very same year Snowfinch model was also designed. We decided to make it oldschool skateboard. In 2015 season we added a completely new freestyle model – Flamingo. I worked on the first projects of this model already in the middle of season 2014. I did some first drafts, we made some prototypes and we sent them to our freestyle expert Kajetan Michalski. And that’s how our red-hot freestyle-dancing board was created. It comes in flex soft and medium.

Graphic by: Patrycja Podkościelny | Graphic by: Tomasz Majewski | Graphic by: Patryk Hardziej

In 2015 collection we also used the technique of cutting one graphics into several models, but this time 3 artists were in charge of the illustrations: Patrycja Podkościelny, Patryk Hardziej and Tomasz Majewski. We grouped longboards based on their use into 3 groups and each illustrator prepared a full-scale drawing that was cut into two pieces.


Joy of Destruction | Mountain of Doom

Before launching each new collection we go through the whole line-up in terms of diversity of the models and we analyze each model all over again – what could be changed so that it suits its uses even better. In some models just the lifting changes are made, like it was in the case of Flamingo and Junko 2015 models, where the shape of the cutting was refreshed. However, some of the models are changed on a wider level. I’ll refer again to Bunting 2016 as an example. After discussing it with the riders, we decided to shorten the wheelbase, which consequently made the longboard 4 cm shorter. I designed a new W-concave and changed drop’s shape for Mushroom shape, which guarantees perfect foot holding even with the most difficult slides. Fantail model was also modified. In current model I’ve designed W-concave at the back of the longboard and I changed kicktail, so that it’s better suited for its use in this model.

Joy od Destruction: Hummingbird | Junko | Flamingo | Ostrich   Mountain of Domm: Wrobel | Chauma M/W | Bunting | Fantail

Chauma 2016 is a good example to prove that we want our boards to suit clients’ needs perfectly. Thanks to the opportunity to express one’s view on a particular model through filling out a form available on our website as well as out riders’ feedback, we reached a unanimous decision that Chauma 2016 has to be in two versions. Chauma M (M- micro-drop) that is the continuation of 2015 model with a flat concave and slightly enlarged microdrop and Chauma W (W-W-concave), which is the version for all W-concave fans.

We added three new models to 2016 collection. Our shortest board is the Hummingbird, which was produced even before our first official collection and there were only a few pieces of this model. What is left from the old version is the name and the general idea of the function it serves. However, I have re-designed the board, so that it suits its use better. Another model is our longest board Ostrich – the model long-awaited by dancing fans. For a long time the drafts of this board were waiting to be brought into effect. We had to build a new pressing machine to be able to create such a long board. The third model in 2016 collection is the downhill board Wrobel, which is classic-shaped with a straight radial concave. It was designed for riders who like simplicity or for implant application under grip.

Just like in last collection, we chose exceptionally talented artists to make our boards look awesome. This time we divided our line up into two groups – the first group are the boards for mountainous areas, so the Mountain of Doom collection, whose graphics were drawn by someone you already know, Sebastian Skrobol, and the second group, meaning boards for flat, city areas, so that’s Joy of Destruction collection with the graphics designed by Przemek Kotyński.

Joy of Destruction – Przemek Kotyński | Mountain of Doom – Sebastian Skrobol

I do hope that this year’s collection appeals to you and meets your expectations. While you’re reading this article, we’re starting to work on a new collection, so that riding longboard will be even more fun next year. Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome, because we want the next collection to fill your personal tastes even better.

Opinions on the various models of boards you can express by filling this form



This year we invited our two riders: Ben Pellet-Berger and Lillian Barou, to show them the most beautiful aspect of Poland – its great atmosphere.

The whole trip can be described with words “tout va bien” – all good. You can also check the video with the best moments captured.

If you are you planning some skate trips, maybe our paths will cross so that we can enjoy good times and get some great memories.

Miele Lello – Wake up to skate

When has your longboarding adventure started?

Lello has been with us for 6 months already, and from the very beginning he turned out to be super chilled guy, easily recognisable by his clothing style and curved moustache.

Being 36 years old is no holdback for him to actively skateboard, to support his local longboarding group and to get utmost satisfaction from longboard dancing. If you have any doubts that at your age there is no way to start longboarding, Lello proves it is never too late.

Read more about this board here: Flamingo2016

Lapaszanka – Two Runs One Cut | Lillian Barou

When we planned Ben and Lillian’s visit in Poland, we wanted to show them our best spots, and besides some local ones, we wanted to show them our favorite spot.
We discovered this place about 4 years ago, thanks to our good fella Yeti. This bicycle road is placed on Polish and Slovak boarder, and the greatest strength of this place is beautiful scenery on Belianske Tatry, perfect pavement and speed which you can get – over 75 km/h, what is really fast if you ride 3 meters wide road.
Lillian chose #wrobel to shred this sick road, you can check this board on our page:…

Alpenrauschen 2K16 – Big Mountain Skate

“It was f**king bomb” During our visit at ALPENRAUSCHEN 2k16 we prepared video coverage from this GREAT event!
Check it, and see you there next year!
We want thanks once more time for BIGMOUNTAINSKATE Crew. It was really dope!

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