Alternative Longboards 2019

Designed and tested in collaboration with some of the best riders in Europe, the 2019 lineup features new construction with fine-tuned flex, strong sidewall abs protection for longer durability, bigger kicks for bigger pops and the new “Junkyard” graphics by Tomasz Leśniak (@lewlesniak).

Dancing & Freestyle collection 2019 includes 5 already well known dekcs; Ostrich, Flamingo, Egret, Karoo and Chauma M. Packed with the latest technologies the new dancing and freestyle boards now have fine tuned flex, pop higher and last even longer.

Downhill collection 2019 includes 4 decks and it boasts 3 new pro decks next to the good old Fantail; Lombardi PRO by Red Bull No Paws Down champion Patrick L. Lombardi and La Barou and La Barouquette by our French team rider Lillian Barou.

Not sure which board is the best for you?
Drop us a line via our Support page and we’ll help you choose.

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